PSP: You have an alternative

We are committed to devoting our time to you and your child, not to paperwork and authorizations, giving our full attention to every patient.  The current insurance-based model requires high patient volume and extensive standardized documentation, leading to pressure on physicians to see as many patients as possible. We have opted out of this system. Instead, we have created an environment where there is less time pressure on physicians and staff and more time for you.  Our highly experienced, senior-level physicians provide comprehensive care in a supportive and comfortable setting. You will have as long as you need with your doctor, short waits for appointments, easy access to us and direct communication with your doctor after the appointment.

Unlike most other practices in the San Diego area, we are completely “out of network.”   Insurance plans with “out of network” benefits usually reimburse families most of the cost of their visits with us.  However, we realize that it can still feel strange to pay fees at the time of the visit.


What are the benefits of coming to PSP?

Focusing more attention on your child in a timely way leads to more rapid resolution or control of your child’s medical issues.

We can nearly always see your child within a few days of your call, and sometimes even on the same day.

Follow-up appointments are scheduled only as you need them.  We eliminate unnecessary appointments.

We are punctual.  You will be done with the appointment on time to make it to your next obligation.

Our schedule is flexible.  We can offer extended hours when needed.

We pay attention to you and your child, not to a computer screen.

You will spend your whole appointment with the doctor, not repeating the same information to multiple staff members.

Every appointment includes ample time for education and discussion.

Phones are usually answered “live,” and messages are returned promptly.

When you call with a medical question, the doctor will return your call personally.

We communicate effectively with children’s physicians.  You will not need to serve as a messenger or middleman.

Once you arrive, your wait will be brief, and will be in a comfortable and inviting kid-friendly space.

Most paperwork can be carried out at home at your convenience before the scheduled appointment.

We are transparent about the cost of visits and procedures.  You will not have any surprise charges.