Sometimes, it is challenging to make it into the doctor’s office. Perhaps your family lives far away, or you are out of town for a few weeks. Perhaps rush hour traffic makes travel time to and from the office prohibitive in the after school hours. Perhaps it is difficult to bring along multiple siblings, or to find an open window of time in between work, school, and after school activities.  Or maybe your child is terrified of any doctor’s office.

For those in these situations, we sometimes have the option of telemedicine. Using a secure online platform,  families can meet with our doctors from the comfort of their own home or any other location.

There may be situations where a telemedicine consultation is not appropriate. If a patient needs a physical exam, he or she will need to come in, although not necessarily for every consultation.

Frequently, we will be able to order lab tests and prescriptions after a telemedicine visit. This may not be possible for patients who are outside of California, or if it is necessary to do a physical exam first.

To discuss whether telemedicine might be the right option for you, please contact us at 858-625-0809 or at