Shared Appointments


Jack climbed into your arms and played with your watch, despite the fact that he had severe separation anxiety and constantly clung to me. He wouldn’t even allow his aunts or grandparents to hold him… You met Jack for the first time at 3 pm on a Wednesday and cleared your afternoon the very next day to accommodate his bronchoscopy… Every patient should have such a tireless advocate – and I know every one of your patients does. You are a champion of children, Dr. Pransky. From the bottom of our hearts, we owe you our world.

Amy B.

A sincere thank you for all you have done for Logan. We would not be in the place of health he is in without you. May you go on to help another few hundreds of Logans over your career. In complete sincerity–you have impacted our lives in such a positive way.

Carrie B.

Thank you so much for the many years you have helped me and [my daughter].  We appreciate all the appointments, MyChart answers, and endoscopies we have had with you.  You have always been so kind and understanding and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Sandy R.

Shared appointments, also called group visits, can be a way to make your trip to the doctor’s office more effective, economical, and enjoyable. With shared appointments, several people with similar health issues are each privately examined by their doctor, and then participate together in a question and answer session. Shared appointments have been used at other centers for children with constipation and soiling, as well as for children with asthma and diabetes.


Why would I want to have a shared appointment?

Many patients and doctors have found that people do better after shared appointments than after individual appointments! That may be because:

-Another person in the group asks a useful question that did not occur to you

-You and your child can meet other families that have the same condition

-Group visits are longer, and include more sharing of information.


Please contact us if you are a follow-up patient of Dr. Cherry and would like to sign up for this type of appointment.


Here are links to additional articles on the topic of shared appointments.

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