Sometimes, it is challenging to make it into the doctor’s office. Perhaps your family lives far away, or you are out of town for a few weeks. Perhaps rush hour traffic makes travel time to and from the office prohibitive in the after school hours. Perhaps it is difficult to bring along multiple siblings, […]

GI Services

Medical Appointments   New patient consultation Follow-up visit Telemedicine consultation Telemedicine follow-up Shared appointment   GI Procedures   Upper endoscopy (EGD) Colonoscopy Anal sphincter Botox injection Rectal disimpaction   For information about clinical hypnosis appointments, please click here.   Other services – Talks and lectures, including to parent and school groups – Expert witness services   […]

Shared Appointments

Shared appointments, also called group visits, can be a way to make your trip to the doctor’s office more effective, economical, and enjoyable. With shared appointments, several people with similar health issues are each privately examined by their doctor, and then participate together in a question and answer session. Shared appointments have been used at [...]

Clinical Hypnosis

Swinging watches.  Mind control.  Squawking like a chicken.  “You are getting veeeeeery sleeeepy….”  Captain Underpants. Many people’s impressions of hypnosis come from a combination of cartoons, silly movies, and stage hypnotists. The truth is, however, that hypnosis is both more conventional and more exciting than its reputation suggests. What is hypnosis?   Hypnosis might be [...]