What does it mean to be independent?

Pediatric Specialty Partners is not owned by a large medical group.  Our physicians can practice in the manner they think is best for your child.

What does it mean to be out-of-network?

Pediatric Specialty Partners is not contracted with third-party payers.  In other words, we do not accept insurance.  A more detailed explanation is provided here.  However, in most cases, those with PPO plans will be reimbursed for a substantial portion of the office visit.

Do I need a referral to see you?

No, it is possible to see us without a referral.  However, it is most helpful if you and/or your child’s primary care doctor can provide us with relevant medical records in advance.

Do you do lab tests?

We do not have a lab in our office.  However, we can order studies at any lab of your choice.

Do you do surgery?  Where?

Dr. Pransky performs some simple procedures in the office.

Dr. Pransky performs procedures which require anesthesia at either:

  • An outpatient surgery center
  • Rady Children’s Hospital.

The location of your child’s procedure will depend on your child’s age and medical diagnoses, as well as on your preferences.

Will you communicate with my child’s other doctors?

We believe that communicating with your child’s other physicians is critical to the comprehensive care your child deserves.  We will ensure that a full evaluation is sent to your child’s primary care provider as well as to any other practitioners involved in their care.

Do you see children for general medical care?

We see children only for subspecialty care in the fields of Otolaryngology/ENT (ears, nose, and throat) and Gastroenterology (digestive and liver disorders).